Monday, September 28, 2009

Going Deeper

Recently at Lighthouse 2009, we held the first gathering of Broken Bay Interns. There was a good selection of interns there, especially amongst the 18-25 year olds.

The Scripture reading for the day was Luke 5:1-6. Grab your bible and read it now, or head over to

Here are a few thoughts about the reading.
  • Jesus taught the crowd - we are all part of the crowd when we participate in the life of our local parish. The crowd in your local parish recieves the basic teaching just like the crowds that listen to Jesus.
  • Jesus selects the few to go deeper - Jesus selects a few disciples to go into deeper water, an image for being taught on a deeper level than the crowd. As an intern you too will be asked to go deeper than the crowd in your parish. You will be set apart from the crowd in order to recieve deeper formation.
  • St Peter feels unworthy - Peter's response to this large catch of fish is not about the fish but about himself. Peter feels unworthy to be selected to be a follower of Jesus on this deeper level. Perhaps you may feel unworthy to be selected as an intern. Perhaps you may feel under resourced to take on the ministry you are placed in. Maybe you can identify with Peter's feelings in this passage.
  • Jesus calls St Peter - even though Peter tells Jesus that he is unworthy, Jesus calls him anyway. Jesus is calling you into a deeper relationship with him through the Parish Internship Program. Jesus is not waiting until you are ready or worthy, he is sending you because he wants you.

As you begin the Parish Internship Program, are you prepared to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus? Perhaps you may feel unworthy or not ready, but just like St Peter, respond to the call from Jesus to serve him ministry.