Friday, October 9, 2009

What are your gifts as an Intern?

Do you know what you are good at? What do you do well? Do you know your talents? Sometimes we think about our talents as the things that we can do well. Our talents are often associated with ourselves, our career and our own interests.
But have you ever thought that God has given you a special gifting that you are to use to build the Church? Perhaps you need to learn more about Spiritual Gifts.
We will learn more about Spiritual Gifts at the next formation meeting, Saturday 7th November, but we won't have time for taking any assessment. Perhaps you could log onto the websites below to learn more or to take an assessment before the next session:

This gives an overview and has a description of each Spiritual Gift

The following websites offer extended Spiritual Gift assessments. There is no offical list, so each test offers slightly different results:

Perhaps this will help you find the ministry that fits your gifting.

Base camp or Mobile outpost leadership

What type of Leader are you? Are you main stream or on the edge? Are you working with the majority or working with a minority? Are you the leader of the base camp; part of the core of your community? Or are you the leader of the mobile outpost; part of the pioneering frontline?
Sometimes we think one is better than the other, but I would say that one is not better than another, but you can't be both.

If we think of miltary bases, the front line outpost always needs to be mobile and adaptable. The front line outpost needs leaders who can think on their feet, try new methods and adapt to the situation in front of them. Perhaps your role as an intern in the parish is to be mobile, adaptable, fresh and innovative, you lead the frontline.

The other type of miltary base is the base camp, much larger and more stable. The base camp needs to be realiable and gives direction about the big picture strategy. The base camp is often some distance from the front line but usually knows more about the long term strategy. Perhaps your role as an intern in the parish is to be dependable, stable, visionary and understand the overall strategy, you lead the majority.

Any community needs both types of leaders, but don't expect the same leadership from the one person. Work together with other interns and parish leaders to cover both areas of your parish.
In your parish are you someone who leads a small group of people who cater for a specific need? Then perhaps a flexibile style of leadership is needed. Perhaps you lead a mobile outpost. Youth ministry is often like a mobile outpost in that youth are different to the majority of parishioners and the ministry needs to be fresher and more adaptable than other ministries.
In your parish are you someone who leads a ministry that is central to the parish? The Parish Council are the obviose base camp leaders but so are liturgical ministries, because the liturgy is the dependable base camp everyone returns to each week.
Either way offer your leadership to the parish as an intern and lead in way that suits your skills and gifting.